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I have totally abandoned this site, cause of my seventh day failure.

I just revisited this blog, and could not believe the amount of visitors I had.

I guess being a lady and all, dieting is a life time goal, right?

Well, I am attempted to start this again, but not sure when.

If people want to join me, just comment, maybe we can all start together?

If, that’s the case, I will totally revamp the blog, and start off fresh.

Just to let you guys now, this is through my own research, I am not a doctor nor a dietitian, this is purely through my OWN research, mostly reading through Korean blogs.




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Day – 0

I am starting the Denmark Diet.

I’m Korean, so this was a huge trend in fast dieting in Korea.

Denmark Diet:

This diet is for 14 days, the diet plan isn’t that hard, but it sure is hard to keep up.

[According to Naver] This is a diet plan by the Denmark State Hospital that is a low fat, low cholesterol, high protein diet.  THe main food in this diet is eggs and vegetables.

During the 14 days, the average weight loss is about 4-6 kgs, or 9-17 lbs.

Denmark Diet Plan:


Basically you would have to repeat this food plan twice.

  • All the meat/fish can be substitute with chicken breast, so is the banana with the toast.
  • In order to get the maximum effect of diet you would have to follow exactly as laid out here, no substitution on anything unless noted.
  • Another important thing is you would not be able to put in anything for flavor, that means no salt or pepper or anything that will enhance the taste of anything. So, yes it will be pretty bland!
  • The meat will either have to be steamed or baked. NOTHING FRIED!
  • You would have to exercise! With exercise, you can minimize yoyo dieting, and plus have a more toned up body then a diet plan alone.

Some Inspirations:

I know all girls would kill to look like this

I know all girls would kill to look like this



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