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Holy Shmokes

I have not been on this blog lately, totally forgot about it

but i just saw the poll results and 115 people want to join me on this diet.
I guess i will start it again…ahhh but the thoughts of eating eggs….. T_T

I will start in about two weeks if i have enough people joining me…..
i’m a quitter i can’t do it myself….. i need support…

if i do start i will be religiously devoted to my blog…
i pinky promise…..

but ahhhh does anybody knows how much grapefruit goes for nowadays???


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I have totally abandoned this site, cause of my seventh day failure.

I just revisited this blog, and could not believe the amount of visitors I had.

I guess being a lady and all, dieting is a life time goal, right?

Well, I am attempted to start this again, but not sure when.

If people want to join me, just comment, maybe we can all start together?

If, that’s the case, I will totally revamp the blog, and start off fresh.

Just to let you guys now, this is through my own research, I am not a doctor nor a dietitian, this is purely through my OWN research, mostly reading through Korean blogs.



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Day 4 and Day 5

Sorry for not updating yesterday with my progress.

Yes, I am still on the diet, I haven’t died or gave up…yet.

It is still hard but I am sucking it up cause why?!

I lost 5, FIVE, FIVE FRIGGIN pounds in three days, I measured it on Day 4 morning. I was II ß that close to giving up, so I weighed myself thinking “if I am not losing weight, there is no point in sticking to this.” And what do I see minus five baby!! Woo hoo!!! And I also lost an inch of my waist!! Boo yah!!!

So yeah, I dragged in another friend to do this diet with me, so hopefully she and I will make it through.

My goal right now is to last a week, just a week so technically I got two days left to go?

Let’s do it!!!

Today’s Inspiration:

Gisele Bundchen, i do wish that she would have more curves in her waist, it’s so straight…-_-;;



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OH EM GEE. I actually survived the second day!! Yay!!

Doing the robot dance oh yeah!


So yes, can’t say I wasn’t tempted, especially last night. I was literally glaring at the chips in front of me.



But then I recited to myself, “If you give up now, your going to keep on giving up, is that what you really want??!”

So, i just put the chips back into the cupboard and slept.

Oh, and I think I am IN LOVE with grapefruit!! woot woot!!


It is very very delish~, I mean i loved grapefruit before, and I do not mind eating it everyday, but it is pricey… I mean a dollar a piece?!?! It’s okay, it’s alright…

Oh, and tonights dinner was beef steak, vegetable salad, and black coffee.

This is how i cooked the beef steak.

  1. I put it in a bowl with water filling up about half the meat.
  2. Wrapped it into a bag. (You know the bags in Jewel or Dominicks where you would put the fruits and veggies in)
  3. Poked one hole on top
  4. Microwave it for 2 minutes.
  5. Drain the left over water.
  6. Voila it’s ready to eat.

I was eating at work, and my workplace doesn’t have a stove, so this was my alternative, which was good by the way!


I actually exercised today so hopefully the weight loss would be even greater!!!

So day 2 has been successful…let’s just hope this continues on.

Today’s Inspiration:


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Day – 1

This is not easy as it looks, and it is only day 1.

I ate a total of 8 eggs today, though that wasn’t the only thing i ate, i have to say, still, that is a whole lot of eggs. I started it with 2 other friends today, and one already gave up. So it’s only the two of us.

I guess I will start taking pictures of what i eat everyday now. Just so I have a better picture of what it is that I am eating.

We all knew this wasn’t going to be easy right?

Well just waiting for the day till i look like this:


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