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Day 4 and Day 5

Sorry for not updating yesterday with my progress.

Yes, I am still on the diet, I haven’t died or gave up…yet.

It is still hard but I am sucking it up cause why?!

I lost 5, FIVE, FIVE FRIGGIN pounds in three days, I measured it on Day 4 morning. I was II ß that close to giving up, so I weighed myself thinking “if I am not losing weight, there is no point in sticking to this.” And what do I see minus five baby!! Woo hoo!!! And I also lost an inch of my waist!! Boo yah!!!

So yeah, I dragged in another friend to do this diet with me, so hopefully she and I will make it through.

My goal right now is to last a week, just a week so technically I got two days left to go?

Let’s do it!!!

Today’s Inspiration:

Gisele Bundchen, i do wish that she would have more curves in her waist, it’s so straight…-_-;;




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