I have totally abandoned this site, cause of my seventh day failure.

I just revisited this blog, and could not believe the amount of visitors I had.

I guess being a lady and all, dieting is a life time goal, right?

Well, I am attempted to start this again, but not sure when.

If people want to join me, just comment, maybe we can all start together?

If, that’s the case, I will totally revamp the blog, and start off fresh.

Just to let you guys now, this is through my own research, I am not a doctor nor a dietitian, this is purely through my OWN research, mostly reading through Korean blogs.




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  1. April

    Hello. I usually dont write comments, but I’m on a danish diet so, I’m leaving a comment for you.
    Today is my second day doing Danish diet.. And while I was having my breakfast I kept on googling.
    And I found one site about in English.


    this is that site. it has the information about Danish diet and the menu is quite different with the Korean one. (I am Korean, so I’m doing mine in Korean way.) However the menu looks… awful to me. Take a look and mail me. I know you quit this diet since August, but I hope we can talk about it.

    And one more thing, I can definetely tell you that “it’s not an advertising”. Thanks.

  2. Ji

    I’m still very impressed at your determination! I’ve been wanting to start this diet, but I live in Venezuela and grapefruits here don’t look anything like the picture you posted :(. Maybe I’ll be able to do it once I go back to school in the states.. Do you know if there’s anything I could substitute the grapefruit with? I would love to do this diet because I’m going back to school in 2 weeks and I want to surprise my friends :). If you are planning on doing this diet again, email me and maybe we can do it together? 🙂

    • loveisineffable

      I am not a hundred percent sure but i don’t think you can substitue grapefruit with anything.
      Sure we can start it together!

  3. Sami

    I just started the diet yesterday. I’m actually living in Korea right now teaching English. I have gained almost 20 pounds while being here! Which is just not ok…. I really hope this diet works out because I have been trying everything and I can’t get this extra poundage off. I’m on Day 2 and already have the eggs boiled and grapefruit bought (in Korea grapefruit is UNBELIEVABLY expensive so I hope this works. Loved reading your notes. It’s also sooo hard living in Korea because I feel like Korean women can eat whatever they want and still be a size -6. Ugh. Frustrating. But I know thats just my imagination. Day 2 here we go!!

    • loveisineffable

      Good Luck!!
      I’m actually thinking about going it again… this time without kidding
      many korean celebrity have seen fantastic results an example is Nicole from Kara
      not sure if your familiar with her… it’s just so hard to cut out card from your diet.

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