Day 4 and Day 5

Sorry for not updating yesterday with my progress.

Yes, I am still on the diet, I haven’t died or gave up…yet.

It is still hard but I am sucking it up cause why?!

I lost 5, FIVE, FIVE FRIGGIN pounds in three days, I measured it on Day 4 morning. I was II ß that close to giving up, so I weighed myself thinking “if I am not losing weight, there is no point in sticking to this.” And what do I see minus five baby!! Woo hoo!!! And I also lost an inch of my waist!! Boo yah!!!

So yeah, I dragged in another friend to do this diet with me, so hopefully she and I will make it through.

My goal right now is to last a week, just a week so technically I got two days left to go?

Let’s do it!!!

Today’s Inspiration:

Gisele Bundchen, i do wish that she would have more curves in her waist, it’s so straight…-_-;;




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4 responses to “Day 4 and Day 5

  1. fat2fitmama

    Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to watch your progress!

  2. sarah

    hi sweetie im so glad you lost 5 pounds. ive started today but how much excersice have you done? do you lose more? keep up the fantastic workkk

  3. Bucike

    starting tomorrow! bought all my groceries for the week! can’t wait for the results

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